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Immunotec Research Products are based on vast amount of research.

World-renowned doctors,educators and scientists are behind behind the growth and reputation of Immunotec Research. Immunotec Research products are developed being based on near 30 years of research. The Immunotec company has been awarded many U.S., Canadian and International Patents.

Immunotec products are the outcome of almost three decades of medical research spearheaded by Dieter Beer, one of the Immunotec founders and a businessman with a long track record, and Dr Gustavo Bounous, considered the father of whey protein research. These two professionals created Immunotec Research Corp., which conducted over 20 years of research that resulted in the amazing line of health producing products.

Immunotec is very cognitive to the needs of well being, health and energy levels of today's society. Immunotec Research products is all about feeling energetic and healthy while enjoying a healthy and fruitfull life style.

Immunotec Business Opportunity - Become a Consultant.

The Immunotec business protocol was created with one thing in mind…which is your success. When joining Immunotec, you will be building a business with a proven system that gives it's members support you’ll needed to achieve everyone's individual goals. The Immunotec Research business opportunity is based on scientifically proven products that bring solid results and happy customer loyalty which turn into referrals. No matter if you wantto earn a little extra income or you are planning future dreams…the Immunotec business opportunity is the vehicle to get you there.

Benefits of your Immunotec business:

  • Become your own boss
  • Earn an additional source of income
  • Get amazing rewards, recognition and relaxing vacation trips
  • You can work from anywhere
  • Enjoy your own schedule
  • Earn tax advantages
  • Be successful with a proven system
  • Control your future

now and earn your income with Immunotec!

ImmunoEnergy is a independent consultant and distributor of Immunotec products. All Immunotec Products sold by ImmunoEnergy are shipped directly from Immunotec Research and guaranteed to be fresh and great quality. When it comes to getting Immunocal or Immunocal Platinum, and other Immmunotec products, ImmunoEnergy offers all Immunotec Research products at the best discounted prices. ImmunoEnergy has been a Immunotec product consultant and Distributor for over 14 years providing many people with Immunotec Products such as, Immunocal, Immunocal Platinum and much more. For more information on the Immunotec opportunity, Contact Us today!
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